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    MiniKlasterAdd is 5 years old!

    we carry out courier delivery around Moscow and St. Petersburg

    we deliver by metro stations

    we deliver to the door to anywhere in the city

    express processing of orders

    working with non-standard delivery conditions

    Cash collection

    Regularly, everyone has a situation where you ordered goods in the online store, and you were promised express delivery on the same day. But here, you wait for the courier, which is an hour in a row, but it's all there and not. Call him, and he does not even take the phone. You already think that it would be simpler to order a self-delivery!

    The courier service MiniKlasterAdd, was created precisely so that you no longer have such unpleasant situations if you need express courier delivery day in and day out. For 90 minutes, or to the exact time, the couriers of the service will deliver the goods to the address and on time. Also, you can monitor the progress of your order online. And do not worry about the safety of your parcel, the courier bears personal financial responsibility for it.

    Do you need urgent documents? To give the girl flowers? To take the tools to a friend? Or are you just busy, and do not want to go through the whole city and spend time on different things? Then you need courier delivery from MiniKlasterAdd. Easily call a courier who quickly, reliably and in a matter of time will take your goods around the city.

    What will you get?

    A financially responsible courier

    Delivery within 90 minutes or the time you specified

    The ability to track the location of the courier with your parcel on the city map

    Convenient payment for the courier service - in cash or by bank card

    Convenience of calling a courier on the site, through the application or calling the call center

    Courier delivery for business

    Do you have an online store? A restaurant? Do you sell flowers? A small confectioner's? Do you need to transfer documents urgently? And you need couriers, but you do not want to keep them in your state? Then you will benefit from the MiniKlasterAdd platform. Use express courier delivery and pay only when you need it. MiniKlasterAdd is your fast and reliable messenger.

    How does this benefit your business?

    You will receive urgent delivery for 90 minutes (or at the time when you want)

    You will receive return shipping. (Documents, cash on delivery, cash on the MiniKlasterAdd account - now the courier does not need to return to you with the money that he took for the goods, and you do not have to pay for the return shipping, the money will instantly fall on your MiniKlasterAdd balance as soon as the courier delivers and will take money from your client, at any time you can withdraw money to your bank card.)

    Redemption of cargo by courier. The courier can redeem the goods specified by you in cost no more than 100000 rubles. To do this, you need to replenish your balance by the amount of equal redemption. This amount will be blocked on your account for the time of delivery. This is done so that you do not abandon the freight purchased by the courier.

    Financial guarantees, material liability (the courier in the account blocks the estimated value of the cargo at the time of delivery)

    You can watch in real time on Google's map how the courier with your cargo moves

    You can pay for delivery by courier in three ways: cash sender, cash recipient, from MiniKlasterAdd account (MiniKlasterAdd account is updated with a bank card)

    The cost of the delivery service depends on several factors: the length of the route that the courier passed, the estimated value of the cargo, weight, time of day (at night more expensive), return shipping options, delivery on the weekend and on a public holiday. To quickly navigate the cost of delivery, you can create a shipping order by filling all the required fields, and not confirming it to see the price immediately.

    About 500 couriers in St. Petersburg and Moscow (the number of couriers is growing every day), at any time ready to take your order. (In the near future we will launch a service in all major cities of Russia). If within 15 minutes no one took your order, call back to our call center, call the delivery number and we will pick up the courier nearest to you shortly.

    With the MiniKlasterAdd platform, your deliveries are 100% complete and fast.

    You no longer have to worry about timely delivery, MiniKlasterAdd takes care of this, and you can concentrate more on your business.

    Answers to frequently asked questions

    How can I call a courier

    Call the MiniKlasterAdd Express Service and place the order to the operator.

    What information should I provide when I call the courier

    If you are a sender, you must specify: your address, contact phone number, contact person, number of items, the required number of couriers. If you are the recipient of correspondence, then in addition to the information about you: address, telephone number, contact person, it is also necessary to indicate the address of the sender, his contact phone number, contact person. Depending on the completeness of the information provided by you, the time and cost of delivery depend. Please do not forget to check the accuracy and accuracy of the addresses provided.

    The courier call is included in the cost of the departure

    Yes, the call of the courier in the courier service "MiniKlasterAdd" is included in the cost of departure.

    You deliver only to your representative or to your final destination

    Our courier service delivers from door to door.

    What documents does the courier of your courier service leave to the Client during the fence

    The fact of confirmation of the fence is the invoice of the courier service "MiniKlasterAdd". The courier leaves you with a copy of the consignment note indicating the consignor of the consignment, the consignee of delivery, the time of receiving the courier.

    Should the courier fill out an invoice

    Most often the courier fills the delivery note himself, according to the client. But if the quality of courier delivery depends on each letter and the client believes that it is necessary to fill in the receipt with his own hand - nobody will object to him ...

    What transport do you send

    Courier delivery is made by the most convenient transport for the performance of this order, it all depends on the weight, direction and urgency of delivery.

    Until when it's necessary to place an order for the courier to arrive the same day

    Specialization of our courier service - extra-long delivery. We execute the order within 3 hours during the whole working day and later (only at an increased rate). So, call you at 10-00, 15-00 or 18-00 - we will complete the order within three hours.

    What happens with sending if the recipient was not in place

    The employee of the "Courier Service MiniKlasterAdd" will necessarily coordinate with you our further actions: re-delivery at another time, at another address or return of correspondence to you.

    What are the possible payment options

    Payment is possible either by the sender or by the beneficiary by bank transfer.

    Do you provide packaging, and is it possible to repackage

    "Courier service MiniKlasterAdd" provides free branded packaging (envelope, package) for sending documents both in Moscow and the Moscow region, and in Russia and the CIS.

    By agreement, "Courier service MiniKlasterAdd" can provide other additional paid packaging materials (stretch film, boxes, bags). The cost of packaging / packaging depends on the nature and weight of the departure.

    Which regions do you serve

    MiniKlasterAdd express service specializes in the urgent delivery of letters and dispatches in Moscow and St. Petersburg. But also the delivery department for Rossis pleasure will deliver your departure to the cities of Russia and the Baltic countries. In addition, we serve the far abroad, the CIS countries.

    During what time is the delivery in Moscow

    Express delivery in Moscow is an average of 3 hours after placing the order. Within 1.5 hours the courier arrives to the sender, receives correspondence and delivers. However, we also offer a variant with a non-urgent "economy-delivery". If you need to guarantee the delivery of invoices, invitations or promotional materials - we will discuss with you the terms of the order and the cost of the order.

    During what time is delivery in the Moscow Region

    In the area, orders placed before 2 pm are also performed during the day. Although it is clear that the time for the execution of the order varies greatly - the delivery to the district center or to the village a few kilometers from it. The ideal option is to call a courier service and call a courier to fulfill an order in the Moscow area the next day.

    How can I know about the delivery of a shipment

    For information about the delivery of your shipment, you can find out in one of the following ways:

    by calling to and calling the number of your order; calling personally to the courier (information about him is contained in the order form)

    How to sign a contract

    To speed up the procedure for concluding a contract, we placed its text on the site. Download 2 copies of the documents, sign on your part and inform the manager of the Contracts Department of the "Courier Service MiniKlasterAdd" When the courier can pick it up. Once the documents are with us, you will be able to place orders.

    Each contract by the rules of our organization should be reviewed by lawyers. How to proceed in this case

    Download the contract from our website, change the items that to some extent do not suit your side, highlight the changed or added red color and send it to us by e-mail. In the near future a courier delivery representative will contact you. Any reasonable proposals are accepted and supported by our side!

    How quickly you can sign a courier delivery agreement, if we have everything ready

    The fact is that we already need to make an order.

    Most often we are meeting the customer - it's not for nothing that the motto of our courier service "MiniKlasterAdd helps". Make an order and give the courier signed by your side of the Great Dane when he arrives behind the errand. Customer interests The MiniKlasterAdd messenger service is at the forefront!

    We have inconsistencies in the reports of courier deliveries for the month and complexity with the documents sent to us for payment.

    No problem! On our website there are always contacts of the department that will answer the question in the most qualified manner - whether it's an urgent delivery department, an economy-delivery department or an accounting department ...

    How quickly you deliver mail / cargo to one or another item

    We deliver as quickly as possible. Delivery time depends on the named region. Courier delivery in Moscow is carried out within 3 hours from the receipt of the order. According to the Moscow region - depending on the remoteness of the point of receipt. If it is a matter of delivering a shipment to the cities of Russia or the CIS - everything depends on the urgency of the order.

    What does the bulk weight


    Bulk weight - the formula for calculating the cost of an order with a non-standard cargo. The volume weight of the cargo is calculated based on the dimensions of the package, according to the formula: Width (cm) x Length (cm) x Height (cm) / 6000 and expressed in kilograms. Calculation of the cost of delivery is based on the actual weight of the goods with packaging, but if the volume weight exceeds the actual weight - the bulk ...

    Can I drive to your office and hand over the departure

    Well, of course, you will save 100 rubles and will lose time on the road and explaining the nuances, but if you want to ride - the courier service MiniKlasterAdd will be glad to see you at home.

    Our contacts


    8-807-999-3566 (free for RF)

    e-mail: [email protected]

    MiniKlasterAdd 2013-2018 (All Rights Reserved)